Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Something that makes me happy is my family because they are always there for me when I need them the most and they make me laugh so much. Another thing that makes me happy is makeup, I love makeup.If you have god in your heart you will always be happy because god is good. I feel like happiness is laughter, when I laugh I feel so much happiness in me and happiness is family too, they will always try to make you happy. Happiness is really important because if u don't have happiness in you, you will always feel down. You won't have fun and have a depressing life. The secret to having happiness is surround your yourself with loved ones and do the things you love the most. There are so many people that are unhappy because they don't do things they love or they don't laugh often, they don't have family loving family. A lot don't have happiness because maybe something happened to them in the past. And they also don't have god in their heart. Happiness is really important to be because I love being happy I never like it when i'm down. I feel like everyone has had a happy moment once an awhile.Happiness is a really important thing for me, I don’t know what I would do without happiness. Happiness keeps people smiling, people may have bad days but doesn’t mean there happiness is over for them. Happiness is not for everyone, people just go through the wrong path.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A favorite place of mine is Belmont park (beach) because that is one of the places me and my family go to hang out. One of the things I like about Belmont is that  there is so many games to play and if me and family not playing games we will skateboard board in the board walk. Late at night my dad will make a bomb fire and brings he's grill too and he makes some good carne asada tacos. I really like hanging out there it never gets boring it gets even more fun every time i go. One of my favorite rides at Belmont is the roller coaster. That place is where i can be calm and not worry about nothing just have fun. I have so many other places I enjoy going to but this is one of my favorite. The only thing the i don't like about that park that there is a lot of people and it gets packed and it's so loud but when u lay on the beach and you're just in your own little world, I just love doing that. I would really tell a lot of people to go to the beach and just relax they would love it. The beach also describes my personality because I am a really chill person and relaxing person. The beach is a really beautiful place to be at and it's also a good place where u can hang with your family and go swimming on the beach there is a lot of things you can to at the beach.

Friday, September 30, 2016

My Life As a Reader

I am not a big fan of books. When i was smaller i remember reading a book called Dr. Seuss and that book is for little kids and i loved reading that book when i small. That's like the only book i remember that i really liked. I feel like i am bad at reading but then when i get interested in a book i feel good about myself because if you knew me better you would know i don't like books so you would be surprised that i am reading. A book i am reading right now it is called "The night Dance"  it is pretty interesting but i get distracted  a lot and always lose my place, if a book is really interesting then i won't get distracted. When i was younger i don't think my parents read to me. I have heard that reading is good for you so you could be more fluent with your words and also learn harder and bigger words, that is what my aunt told me she said you should read more and more everyday so you can get smarter. I like books that have action and surprises those type of book get me really interested. During 2nd period i go to an elementary school and its called avondale and i read to 3rd graders and its really interesting how much third graders know, it can be frustrating at times because there are some easy words and I just wanna blurt it out but i give them a chance to pronounce the words.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A person that has inspired me is my aunt because she is an intelligent woman and she is the first one in the family to go to college and she gives me so much advice, she also helps me a lot in life. She is one of the people that I imitate. I love her dearly. I feel like i would of not been anywhere in life if it wasn't for her. She is a loving person and she is a really good person to talk to when i need someone to talk to, she is always there for me. I am going to college because i want to be the second in the family that goes and studies for a career and I will be imitating my aunt. She will be so proud of me. I will also be a very intelligent woman just like her. She is one of the many people that have inspired me, my dad is also another person that has inspired me. He talks to me about life and gives me fatherly advice and guides me through my tough times as an adolescent. If you have loving people surrounding you, your life is all good. It's good to have family that cares about you and guides you through tough times. There's many people out there that have no one or lost their family and I consider myself very lucky to have my family as part of my life.


A symbol that represents me

A symbol that represents me is a heart because i am a loving person and i am not selfish , I also think about other people. I am a warm and loving person and when someone is in need for help and if i could help them i would help them because I would want the same to be done for me.When I share something I have or help people i feel like that makes me a better person, but other people feel that helping and sharing doesn't really matter, I believe that it does matter and it is really important because it's a reminder for us that we are human and need to have a good heart and not have bitterness. There's a lot of people that stopped caring and prefer to have hatred and bitterness. People are the way that they are because something bad might have happened in their past and they are just rude to others and they don't care about anyone or anything. I think when a person becomes that way it's sad because they let hatred take over their feelings and emotions. If they were caring and loving to other people their life would be better for them, because love and care makes a person a better person. It may be hard at first but with practice anything is possible.
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